Costa Rica


This post is SO over due! I've been back for a couple weeks now and just haven't had the time to keep the site updated. This was my first time to the beautiful Costa Rica and it was absolutely amazing!! My Aunt & I decided out of nowhere that we just needed to book the trip and go. We stayed at the Arenas del Mar beach resort in Manuel Antonio right next to the national park. I truly have never stayed in hotel that felt so submerged into nature, yet stay luxurious at the same time. The grounds were swarming with monkeys, sloths, lizards and toucans that were not afraid of humans that's for sure! The resort was set on a steep mountain that had private beaches and sky high views that most of the time required a golf cart ride up to the top. 

costa rica
beach resort.JPG

We booked three different excursions through the hotel and they were all pretty different from each other. The first tour was called the Rainmaker hike and I bet you can guess started POURING the second we were about to start walking the trail. A bus took us an hour away from the hotel up into the jungle and dropped us at a dead end road where the trail begins. I was absolutely soaked, muddy and kinda cold by the time we made it to the top of the mountain. But it slowed down the higher we got and finally it stopped as we were walking across the hanging wooden bridges. It was so absolutely beautiful to look at the fog over the canopy I completely fell in love. Pictures don't even really do it justice! 

costa rica hike.jpg

We also did a tour of the Manuel Antonio National Park which was mostly focused on searching for wildlife and follows with a stop at the park beach. Then the last tour was a catamaran ride through the waves and sunset dinner! We got to see the mountains from the sea, snorkel with the fish, chase some dolphins and watch the sun go down into the water. I'm such a sucker for the ocean I could've done the boat ride every day!

costa rica boat

I ate so healthy while I was down there too! The hotel is certified sustainable and uses all fresh foods from local markets. Some nights the hotel would have an authentic Costa Rican dinner on the beach with all you can eat stations of different types of foods. And you can't forget the amazing Coco Loco's we drank every day (vodka, rum, tequila and coconut creme I suggest making one it's dangerous but amazing).

yoga outfit.jpg

Side note can we take a moment to admire this yoga outfit from Aerie?! Unfortunately I never made it to the free yoga classes in the mornings (I'm not good at the whole waking up at 7:00 thing) but I was still able to hike and lounge around in it! I had the time of my life in this country. We met a lot of really amazing people and got in touch with our adventurous side. I will definitely be going back!