Dylan's Candy Bar


Seeing that I'm spending the next couple months in NYC I thought it was pretty necessary to share some of my yummy food experiences. I honestly wish I would have thought of starting documenting sooner because I've already fallen into so many cool dining spots. But almost every restaurant in the Big Apple is worth writing about so I'll never be short on content. The first stop is Dylan's Candy Bar on third ave. A three story candy store with a full bar & restaurant is ridiculous, I've never been anywhere like it before. Every candy, chocolate or macaroon you can think of covers the first two floors. A massive chocolate fountain, customizable candy, color coded candy... I could honestly go on forever!


After you've gotten your fill of shopping in, you can take the candy steps up to the top floor. This location was recently renovated with adorable cupcake tables, striped walls and TV's playing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on a loop. The prices of the food were actually quite affordable with a decent variety of burgers and flat breads to choose from. Now to the important part, the insanely fancy cocktails!! 

jolly rancher cosmo
sour patch cocktail

My friends and I all got different drinks. The red martini is a jolly rancher cosmo and the other had sour patch kids drizzled on top. I don't even remember the name of my drink because it was very long and I'm pretty sure all the words were made up. It doesn't really matter because I would NEVER recommend anyone to drink it. I was so excited because it came out looking like a little science experiment in a beaker and overflowed with cute little bubbles. Completely deceiving. I don't think I even drank half of it because it tasted like a mix of pure sugar and soap. By no means worth the $17 unless you strictly want to take pictures of it :(

candy outfit

The Candy Bar is definitely a unique experience and I would suggest visiting if you ever get the chance. You won't get a five star meal... but you'll definitely get your fill of color and sugar!