Vinho Verde Wine Event

Wine Event

Coming at ya with my first event since moving to the city! I was invited by the Vinho Verde Wine Experience & Craft Hospitality to try out a variety of wines from Portugal. I took my bestie Alison (@alisonepp) as my date and we had soo much fun! They catered the event with food from some of the top NYC restaurants. The wineries featured mainly whites and rosés. There was also a cocktail bar that served three AMAZING wine based spritzers with fresh fruit and herb garnishes. I definitely could have gotten so many more photos but at a bottomless drink party…photos seem to become less of a priority as the night goes on (whoops).

Wine event outfit.jpg
Cheetah print dress

Just to touch on the outfit real quick, I wore this fun cheetah print dress from H&M. It was on sale for $9.00 so of course I had to scoop it. These nude pumps from Forever 21 have been my go to heel. The website doesn’t have the same pair listed anymore but I linked a similar pair. They match literally everything and are surprisingly comfortable for a pump without a platform. Also these tassel earrings in black are my FAVORITE. They had them in a million colors at H&M last year but now went on sale for $1 in store which is perfect for a pair of giant costume earrings. Also can’t forget my cute lil cross body bag from Tory Burch. I don’t usually wear a red lip but this one worked really well for me last night. I wore a NYX soft matte lip crème in the color Monte Carlo and I was really impressed with how long it held. I only had to reapply once throughout the night and it didn’t transfer to my glass at all.

Event Buffet
Summer Cocktail

As I said, all the wines were imported from the Portuguese wine country. They featured a variety of Alvarinho, Loureiro and Avesso grapes. I thought the most impressive bottle was the Quinta da Calcada 2016 Reserva. I’m kind of mad at myself for not going back for more refills but there were so many others to try! Honestly I could talk about the food and drinks forever but they had other activities going on too! The flower wall photo booth was adorable. They have photographers walking around and the DJ played fun music all night. I love that going to an event in New York allows you to network so easily and meet people you instantly connect with. We met business owners, influencers, wine experts and just about anything else. The venue itself had a great city view but the cocktail bar was immersed in lots of greenery, flowers and palm leaves. Plus we got to keep the wine glasses, who doesn’t love lots of freebies? If you’re interested in more details on the event or wineries, the link to their website is below also! Ciao!

NYC Life Update: Tips & Survival Guide

NYC Skyline

Well HELLO! It’s been about a year since my last post and I am so glad to be back in business! To be honest, Ohio wasn’t providing the inspiration I needed and I kind of slacked off (whoops!). I can’t explain how happy I am to be in my favorite city with all my closest friends. I’ve been here for a month now and it’s been very jam packed. I have to say, moving here was a lot harder than I ever expected it to be. I was very fortunate to have friends and family that helped me along the way.  Even though I lived here for a few months in 2017, it was a completely different experience because I wasn’t settling down for the long haul. I put together a little list of “need to know” things about NY that you might find interesting or helpful if considering a visit or even move!

New York City Blogger

1.  Prepare to splurge on experiences

Obviously it’s a given that New York is more on the expensive side. Of course there are lots of free things to see in the city. Times Square, Central Park, World Trade Center, Financial District etc. But even though the tourist spots are fun, you want to see what makes this city exceptionally unique! If you’re into theater, you won’t regret seeing a show on Broadway. If you love getting the perfect shots for Instagram, look up tickets for fun pop-up shops in the city (I’ve linked a few going on now below). Don’t eat at chains!!!!! There are SO many amazing places to eat in New York, go to a fun themed restaurant or bar and save Olive Garden for any other night of the week. I completely understand a budget trip, but every dollar will be worth it!

 2. NY is very glam….but not all the time

This city does not run short of glittering events and gorgeous views. I spent this week working at the Marc Jacobs showroom for market week and it was awesome! I got to spend three days in the gorgeous showroom with different buyers from around the world and even saw Marc himself! Last weekend Alexander Wang had an open to the public fashion show in Rockefeller Center and we got to see him too. So crazy! But aside from all the glamour, this city is DIRTY. I mean real dirty. It’s so sad to see all the garbage, rats and public urination just about anywhere. It’s definitely hard to ignore, but just make sure you have a travel sized Purell with you at all times!

Blazer and Dress
New York Style

3. If you’re moving, save a TON and plan ahead

 This might sound obvious, but I can’t emphasize it enough. I’ve lived in three different apartments before my current place and I’ve never had such difficulty. You need several months of rent upfront. If you don’t have a broker, you will most likely be subleasing with random people and bouncing like a nomad for months. If you don’t have a huge salary lined up, you’re going to need guarantors. Not to mention figuring out how you are getting all your things to the city! My roommates both brought Uhauls (don’t forget to consider parking $$$). My mom and brother packed up a car with my clothes and smaller belongings. My bed and furniture was ordered and delivered from Amazon. It kind of depends on what works best for you! Just don’t underestimate how time consuming and expensive it can be, especially if you are also looking for a job.

 4. Speaking of jobs

Nothing is worse than job hunting. It’s exhausting and can be disheartening. LinkedIn has been so helpful in finding great resume building temporary jobs while you search for a full time salary position. There are tons of huge corporations with their headquarters in New York, but also endless competition. Recruiters are super helpful in getting your foot in the door at large companies, and finding positions right for you. Staying positive is key, the right one will come along!

NYC Style

5. Getting around

Subways may seem confusing but I promise it’s easy and it’ll save you a ton rather than grabbing an Uber/Taxi everywhere. Google Maps is my favorite app to use to find the best subway line or walking route. The biggest issue I had when learning the system is I didn’t pay attention to uptown vs downtown trains and would always be going the wrong direction. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up in Queens instead of going into the city. As long as you follow the signs to your line and go the right direction you’ll be good to go!

 Hopefully that was some sort of help! Even though I’ve spent a lot of time here before the move it still can be overwhelming at times. It’s a major adjustment but I don’t regret it at all. I’ve had a lot of people reaching out and asking questions, so feel free to DM me if you ever need any help or recommendations! I’m no pro but I think everyone should enjoy the city as much as I do (: Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk and I’ll be posting again soon!!

Current pop-up shops:

Costa Rica


This post is SO over due! I've been back for a couple weeks now and just haven't had the time to keep the site updated. This was my first time to the beautiful Costa Rica and it was absolutely amazing!! My Aunt & I decided out of nowhere that we just needed to book the trip and go. We stayed at the Arenas del Mar beach resort in Manuel Antonio right next to the national park. I truly have never stayed in hotel that felt so submerged into nature, yet stay luxurious at the same time. The grounds were swarming with monkeys, sloths, lizards and toucans that were not afraid of humans that's for sure! The resort was set on a steep mountain that had private beaches and sky high views that most of the time required a golf cart ride up to the top. 

costa rica
beach resort.JPG

We booked three different excursions through the hotel and they were all pretty different from each other. The first tour was called the Rainmaker hike and I bet you can guess started POURING the second we were about to start walking the trail. A bus took us an hour away from the hotel up into the jungle and dropped us at a dead end road where the trail begins. I was absolutely soaked, muddy and kinda cold by the time we made it to the top of the mountain. But it slowed down the higher we got and finally it stopped as we were walking across the hanging wooden bridges. It was so absolutely beautiful to look at the fog over the canopy I completely fell in love. Pictures don't even really do it justice! 

costa rica hike.jpg

We also did a tour of the Manuel Antonio National Park which was mostly focused on searching for wildlife and follows with a stop at the park beach. Then the last tour was a catamaran ride through the waves and sunset dinner! We got to see the mountains from the sea, snorkel with the fish, chase some dolphins and watch the sun go down into the water. I'm such a sucker for the ocean I could've done the boat ride every day!

costa rica boat

I ate so healthy while I was down there too! The hotel is certified sustainable and uses all fresh foods from local markets. Some nights the hotel would have an authentic Costa Rican dinner on the beach with all you can eat stations of different types of foods. And you can't forget the amazing Coco Loco's we drank every day (vodka, rum, tequila and coconut creme I suggest making one it's dangerous but amazing).

yoga outfit.jpg

Side note can we take a moment to admire this yoga outfit from Aerie?! Unfortunately I never made it to the free yoga classes in the mornings (I'm not good at the whole waking up at 7:00 thing) but I was still able to hike and lounge around in it! I had the time of my life in this country. We met a lot of really amazing people and got in touch with our adventurous side. I will definitely be going back!

St. Petersburg, Florida

Clearwater, Florida

I absolutely love going to Florida this time of year because it's like a little extension of summer. We were so lucky to have been able to go due to the constant hurricane threats down south. Fortunately there was no damage and the weather ended up being gorgeous! I wrote a blog post last year in the same area since we come down every year around the same time with our church. It's almost like a second home seeing that we've been coming down to St. Pete's for about 10 years now. It was SO nice to get away from all the stress and just spend some needed time with the fam! Side note, these are my favorite earrings in the universe and they were only $3 from H&M and they come in a variety of colors. Do yourself a favor and get some obnoxious tassle earrings! 

Popsicle Pool Floaty
Clearwater Beach bird

I tried to get as much beach and pool time as possible but of course we were busy constantly running around. We got to hit some of our favorite food spots (Opal Sands Resort Bar, Island Way GrilleMad Beach Brewing) I would definitely recommend visiting! Mad Beach Brewing is where I ordered this doughnut burger....I mean if there a cheeseburger with a doughnut on it how could I not order it?! 

Mad Beach Brewing Burger
Opal Sand Cocktail

I didn't get a whole ton of shopping done, there wasn't really time except to get a couple gifts for my girlies back home. I know the summer season is over but I'll still tag my suit and accessories below anyways! Now it's back to the cold, rain and school in Ohio. The real question is, where should the next destination be in the winter?? 🤔💭

Opal Sands

Belvedere Castle

central park castle

I'm very sad to share that I have returned home from my favorite city. It's been a crazy few weeks with moving around and getting readjusted to the Ohio lifestyle. I've finally gotten around to writing this post on the beautiful Belvedere Castle! It's located right in the middle of Central Park and right around the corner from the Met Museum. 

Belvedere Castle
castle dress

I wish it wasn't as crowded as it was so we could get more wider shots but I'm so happy with how the photos turned out! The view from the two outlooks were stunning and it was so neat walking up the stone spiral staircases. It was a nice day to walk around the lake in front of the castle too. It adds to the medieval atmosphere and you get to play with all the little ducks & turtles (:

castle lake

The dress is a free people number and I thought it matched perfectly with the neutral colors of the castle. These sandals were a new purchase from the recently reopened Melissa store in Soho. Side note, I never knew these shoes had such a strong scent...?? Literally the shoes have such a distinct fruity smell I would get whiffs as I was walking. Still not sure if I like that or not but it's different! The store itself is actually a very cool concept store so if you are in the NY area and like to shop I would check it out! 

castle window
castle window

After we finished our exploring we stopped at a couple food trucks and stuffed ourselves with crepes & hot dogs (a disgusting combination I'm aware). I'm glad we made the time to go visit this hidden place before we headed out of the city. I already miss my life our there, my goal is to be back out to visit by the winter time! And it would be so gorgeous to see the castle covered in snow ugh! Now I have to go back to blogging Ohio locations, so I'm gonna have to start getting real creative. Until next time (:

Ladurée Soho

french restaurant

Ok I have been dying to come to this restaurant before I even got to NY and the pictures truly don't do it justice! My Aunt came into visit this past weekend and we visited Ladurée Soho for brunch on Saturday morning. Luckily it didn't rain like it was supposed to so we sat outside in the garden. I didn't even feel like I was in the city, it was so cozy and well decorated I felt like I could've been sitting somewhere in France! 

laduree brunch

The menu is pretty extensive, especially the dessert menu that I regrettably didn't have enough room for. Along with coffee,  orange juice and croissants, I ordered a two egg omelet with spinach and goat cheese. Amazing right? Every single meal that I saw float by looked amazing and each one was presented beautifully and aesthetically.  I was torn between getting something somewhat healthy or just a big plate of french toast with powdered sugar. Honestly I don't think you can go wrong either way! 

laduree soho

Even if you don't order dessert at the table, there is a full bakery near the exit to take some treats home with you. I absolutely have to go back to this place my next time in the city. Unfortunately, I probably won't have enough time to return before I head home (internally sobbing). There is another location on the upper east side so maybe I'll have to venture to that one next time!

laduree desserts
laduree macaroons

P.S. This blue ruffle dress is an old gem from Caché. But I found this dress on Asos which is quite different but I think would make a cute summer dress, and it's on sale! Until next time (;

Dylan's Candy Bar


Seeing that I'm spending the next couple months in NYC I thought it was pretty necessary to share some of my yummy food experiences. I honestly wish I would have thought of starting documenting sooner because I've already fallen into so many cool dining spots. But almost every restaurant in the Big Apple is worth writing about so I'll never be short on content. The first stop is Dylan's Candy Bar on third ave. A three story candy store with a full bar & restaurant is ridiculous, I've never been anywhere like it before. Every candy, chocolate or macaroon you can think of covers the first two floors. A massive chocolate fountain, customizable candy, color coded candy... I could honestly go on forever!


After you've gotten your fill of shopping in, you can take the candy steps up to the top floor. This location was recently renovated with adorable cupcake tables, striped walls and TV's playing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on a loop. The prices of the food were actually quite affordable with a decent variety of burgers and flat breads to choose from. Now to the important part, the insanely fancy cocktails!! 

jolly rancher cosmo
sour patch cocktail

My friends and I all got different drinks. The red martini is a jolly rancher cosmo and the other had sour patch kids drizzled on top. I don't even remember the name of my drink because it was very long and I'm pretty sure all the words were made up. It doesn't really matter because I would NEVER recommend anyone to drink it. I was so excited because it came out looking like a little science experiment in a beaker and overflowed with cute little bubbles. Completely deceiving. I don't think I even drank half of it because it tasted like a mix of pure sugar and soap. By no means worth the $17 unless you strictly want to take pictures of it :(

candy outfit

The Candy Bar is definitely a unique experience and I would suggest visiting if you ever get the chance. You won't get a five star meal... but you'll definitely get your fill of color and sugar!