First Day of Winter....

As much as I don't really enjoy wintertime, I'm thankful there is still a lot to look forward to during this time of year. School is finally out for break and all the holiday events are kicking off! This New Years I am especially excited for so I will definitely be posting about that soirée. In this post I kinda wanted to talk about some of my favorite new winter accessories, and my first visit to a cute cupcake shop in my hometown! A Cupcake a Day is a small shop in the Medina square that serves coffee and an array of cupcake flavors that's almost impossible to choose from! Being a sucker for marshmallows, I picked hot cocoa (;

Being the freeze baby that I am, I was slightly worried that I was going to be chilly in this outfit, but surprisingly I wasn't! It's all about the layers and I had on quite a few. I've had this vest from Nordstrom BP for several years now and it is still a dime piece. I love the braided knit on the front and unique checkered print on the back. Also, a hint of fur in the winter is always a nice warm touch. My gloves were a new gift from my mom that were thick enough to keep my hands warm even though my fingertips were exposed. Nice for using your phone and not having to take your gloves off! My absolute favorite part of the outfit though are these fantastic boots. They are super comfortable and the all rubber bottom keeps you from slipping on slush & ice (and trust clumsy self needs all the help I can get). These were actually a gem find on Groupon, so keep your eyes peeled on that site for some really cute pieces. 

I've kind of been in a hat kick lately. I've gotten about five new hats since fall and I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that three of them are the same exact hat in different colors. But I'm convinced I need a pom pom hat that matches every outfit! When walking around the square I came across another one to add to my mini collection and hey, why not throw it on with the current outfit? 

I was so busy between work and finals that my poor blog lacked a lot of attention. But with my overwhelming amount of free time, more posts will be coming soon! HAPPY WINTER !

Black Friday Wish List

Personally, I have never been one to run to the stores on Black Friday and purchase anything I can get my hands on. When shopping I like my time, space and options....all of which I wouldn't really get on Black Friday. So Cyber Monday deals are usually my go-to! As the day approaches, different stores are already starting their deals and discounts online. So I thought I would do some investigating and share what really caught my eye at a couple of my favorite (affordable) stores. Plus it gave me the opportunity to scope out ideas for New Years Eve aka my favorite outfit of the year. So here are my Black Friday fall/winter must-haves! 

Definitely be on the lookout for the flash sales stores will be having as well. Right now, offers for free shipping, discounts after certain prices and pre-sales are already going on. Forever 21 and Love Culture are currently having an extra 30% off everything online. H&M is offering a few sales on winter wear but has more sales they will be announcing throughout the week. If you are looking for accessories, Charming Charlie has a limited time buy 1 get 1 60% off jewelry sale with free shipping on everything!  Make a wish list on your favorite sites so you have all the links stored. Once Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes around, you'll already know what you want and can buy it before it sells out! In my opinion, laying in bed with a glass of wine while shopping is much more relaxing than beating the insane holiday rush! 

Fall Beachin' with JORD

women's watch

I have been so excited to write this blog post for a number of reasons! For one, I am obsessed with beach pictures. Can anyone ever get enough photos by the ocean? Second, I'm in love with my new JORD watch that I was able to take on a beachside adventure. And third, you all get to benefit from it! JORD Wood Watches offers a variety of luxury wooden watches for men and women that are perfect for any age or occasion. 100% natural wood is used for the watches, and no toxic chemicals are used. 

unique watch

After receiving my watch, I was pleased with the perfect fit and simple yet sophisticated packaging. With the holidays coming up, it would really make a unique gift for whoever you feel like treating! My watch that is featured in this post is called the Frankie 35 - Dark Sandalwood & Mint. I instantly wanted this one the moment I saw it, I love the bright face with the dark wood surrounding it. I also thought it was great for any season. The style/colors look fantastic on a sunny beach or a cool pumpkin patch. 

gift watch
cool watch

So now to the fun part where you guys get a little something out of this post! JORD is having an awesome giveaway and all you need to enter is your name and email address. Anyone who enters automatically gets a $20 e-gift code. Yep everyone gets that! The contest winner receives a $75 e-gift code and is selected automatically. Signing up takes literally 30 seconds and you can from this link here

unique accessories

Every fall I am in St. Petersburg, Florida with my family and it was extremely hard to come home to Ohio. But, I had an amazing time with my favorite people! Lots of great food, boating and new accessories make for a fantastic week. Now it's back to business! Listed below are some other links to make exploring super easy for you guys! I've been so excited to share this impressive brand with you and I hope you one of you get picked for the contest. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

Women's watches  

Men's watches

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Treat Yourself: Flower Petal Milk Bath

We all have our own stressors. There are so many things personally in my everyday life that overwhelm me so much, I strive for that moment at the end of the day where I can plop into bed and get a good nights rest. Of course it isn't always like this, but in the heat of the semester with a million things going on, a girl needs a night off! The other night I realized I had the place to myself and took advantage of the time I had. I did a little research on making a perfectly relaxing milk bath and I enjoyed it so much I had to share with everyone! This makes for a perfect evening for yourself, or an awesome surprise for your significant other (fellas). It's super easy, quick and doesn't hurt your wallet! 

Here's all that you need to do: 

  • Fill the tub with hot water (obviously)
  • Dust in a healthy amount of powdered milk. I used all natural goat's milk, but whatever you prefer!
  • Mix and let dissolve
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring. I actually used a tiny bit of red to make a light pinkish/purple color.
  • Adding crushed oatmeal is an option if you would like to have even more moisturized skin.
  • Cut the stems off of the flower arrangement of your choice and set into the water. Try not to pick too heavy of flowers or else they will sink. Fyi rose petals also are beneficial to moisturizing the skin, but not a necessity. Be as creative as you would like! 
  • Make a bomb playlist containing the most relaxing music of your choice.
  • Light some candles to enhance your aesthetics!
  • A nice bottle of wine or maybe a cup of tea at your side is always a nice addition.

Don't plan on going out after your night of relaxation! The second I got out of the tub I felt so relaxed and tired! My skin was smooth and rejuvenated, and I had a really great night of sleep. Sitting down and completely clearing your mind and listening to your favorite music will keep you sane through your issues. I'm definitely going to be searching for more spa night DIY's! Because sometimes, we just need a full night to no one but ourselves. We deserve it! Until next time (;

Goodbye Summer!

Now that we are in that awkward stage between summer and fall, I'm having a difficult time deciding what to wear on a daily basis. Part of me is super excited to dive into autumn colors, heavier layers and of course all the boots that have been stashed away for the past few months. But with the amount of sunshine and higher temperatures that I've been experiencing in little Kent, Ohio, I've been bouncing between my summer and autumn wardrobe. SO I thought I would share some ideas I've been using in order to make an easy and appropriate transition! 

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I've been finding that even though it may be pretty toasty outside, my classes are usually almost always freezing! So I've been trying to wear lighter weight garments and toting around a cute cardigan or thin blazer for my afternoon classes. The early mornings are beginning to be on the slightly chilly side so a leather vest or comfy zip up is a helpful addition. On the day I took these pictures at the Prayers For Maria Sunflower Field, the sun showed nooo mercy! I was actually really hot in this one piece romper (Forever 21). But I loved the neutral off pink color of the romper and I thought it went well with the bright yellow flowers!

In my opinion, changes in color is the best way to dress for awkward months. Even if it's warmer out, I've been finding myself wearing oranges, nudes, and grays instead of pastels. That was the main thing that inspired me to go with darker hair instead of the bright red/purple I've been going with. I wanted to do something totally different and go with a deeper and bolder look.

 I always used to question the purpose of boots with open peep toes. No one wants super cold toes, and no one wants to wear a boot mid summer. But these in-between months offer perfect conditions for those specific pieces! Thankfully it will only be a little while longer before we will need to full on switch over into the next season. Until then, I'll be enjoying as much summer sunshine as I can get! 


Fashion Tips & Tricks

Everyone benefits from discounts, short cuts or handy hacks to remember for the perfect time. I've been dying to do a post like this because there are so many helpful fashions tips out there for those inconvenient stains and imperfections. Luckily Betabrand has supplied us with a list of helpful notes to remember for the next time you are in a garment crisis! I am without a doubt going to be keeping them in my back pocket for a rainy day. 

As mentioned in my "Build Your Wardrobe With a Tight Wallet" post , I am always looking for ways to keep my wardrobe in good shape at a great price. All these tips are basically free which is always a win! Of course my featured outfit was at a fantastic price as well. The thin high-low lilac tee was a $2.00 gem from Marshall's and the light skinny jeans were under $20.00 at Forever 21. I am also in love with these white t-strap heels that I found at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas this past summer. They seem to go with just about everything! 

Pinterest is always a fantastic place to look for specific how-tos. Especially for those who are design savvy and can easily tweak their own clothing! Betabrand is also great for those who are creative and innovative with clothing. If you construct something eye catching or have an awesome garment idea, you can create and submit to the "Think Tank". All of their products come from the Think Tank, and one of their most popular pages is their women's pants page! They have loads of great pants that were created by everyday people to solve everyday problems, like staying comfy in the office. Just another idea for my fellow fashionistas! I hope that you guys find these tips useful, I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for more! Until next time! 

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park & State Park

So I decided to do something a little different for this post! After spending the day at Nelson Ledges, we had so much footage it didn't seem that I could actually capture the entire day in sharing a couple pictures. The weather was perfect and the water was clear and refreshing to say the least. This was our first time visiting the lake/park and it was definitely worth the money! Entry is only $5.00 unless there is some sort of festival going on, like the day we went there was a heavy metal festival we were unaware of so we paid $15.00. As a very cheap summer adventure, I would recommend checking it out before it begins to cool off and classes are started up again! I had a fantastic time with my friends and created a lot of unforgettable memories. Also in case you were wondering, everything was shot on a GoPro! (Shoutout to Robert for hooking us up). Hope you enjoy (: 

HOW TO: Build Your Wardrobe With a Tight Wallet

Of course we all love the big glamourous brands that dazzle us with their intricate details and ensembles. But honestly, the majority of the population isn't wearing those names and being a college student I am nowhere near them! But not to worry, you don't need a lot of money to build a great closet. In this post I'm sharing some of my bargaining tips that hopefully you can use the next time you go shopping with a tight wallet!  

Believe it or not, the outfit I'm wearing came to a grand total of $27.00! The crop top was a fun steal from H&M for $17.00 about two years ago and my turquoise pumps were an insane $10.00 at Gabriel Brother's! The pleather skirt was actually a hand me down from my best friend who didn't want it anymore ( S/O to Shelby for hooking me up! ). But the skirt is from Forever 21 which could not have been an expensive buy either. Now I know that a lot of times you have to pay for quality of clothing. When purchasing certain fabrics or staple pieces that will last you a lifetime, of course you're going to want to spend a few extra dollars. But the two main factors I look at when buying a cheaper clothing item, is comfort and aesthetics. 

I've learned to never buy a pair of heels if you can't even manage walking around the store in them. You have to be in love with each purchase you make whether you're spending a lot of money on it or not. Luckily these shoes have a super squishy sole and fit just right so I never have any issues with blisters or sore toes! Unfortunately it's never really easy finding items like this. In stores like Forever 21 and Gabe's you really have to dig to find a great piece. Just make sure to take your time and look at just about everything!

Another thing I've learned, is to never write off the mall because you think everything will be too expensive. I always used to think going to the mall for a cheap outfit was useless but if you go into the right stores, you'll find what you need! Even if you find one piece that you're not sure whether it will go with anything you have, get it anyways! I almost never purchase whole outfits all at once. That way you can broaden the selection of your wardrobe small steps at a time and not spend a lot in the process! Hopefully this article helps with whatever aspect your closet needs. Whether it's a specific outfit or just collecting items to put together a whole bunch of outfits! Good luck and happy shopping!!

Formation World Tour: Pittsburgh

To say the least, this concert was an unforgettable experience! So many people have been asking about how amazing the concert was so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with everyone! We arrived in Pittsburgh pretty early in the day which was a great move because this was my first time visiting the city and it gave us the chance to explore a little bit. It was so extremely hot outside, but the streets were packed and everyone was out and about in the city. It was just my Aunt and I that made the trip and we had such a good time walking around and eating lunch at a little café in Market Square. I was really surprised as to how much there is to do and see in Pittsburg so I'm glad we spent a little extra time in the area other than just seeing the concert.

We stayed at the Fairmont which was gorgeous and packed with modern decor, not to mention a beautiful view of the city. At this point I was just so ecstatic for the night ahead of us! Of course I have to talk really quick about this outfit I've been saving for this particular event. This romper is to die for! I found it at Nordstrom, but it's really not something I would see on the rack and think I would even look good in. I'm not usually one for super low cut and completely open back, but the rep at the store brought it in for me and I fell in love with it! The front looks like a dress but it's actually shorts and it fit like a glove! I'll tag some similar rompers from Nordstrom below because I cannot find the exact romper on their website. It was purchased only a few weeks ago so I'm sure they still have it in store!

OKAY so finally on to the concert. Obviously she did a fantastic job, if there was an error during the performance you wouldn't even know it.  The giant cube in the middle of the stage constantly played cut scenes from music videos and of course the newest production Lemonade. The show included a TON of new choreography which is personally always exciting for me to watch. I thought this concert was a lot different compared to the On the Run Tour because she chose a lot of songs that I have never seen her perform live before like Rocket, Runnin', Mine etc. It was so high energy from beginning to end with pyrotechnics, confetti and a finale that included dancing in a pool of water. Whether you like her music or not, she puts on a fantastic show! 

Overall it was a great experience and encourage anyone to see their favorite artist live. It creates a lot of unforgettable memories you can't put a price tag on! The day after the concert was spent eating and site seeing until we had to return home. It was a great side trip and I'm super excited for my next adventure that's already less than a week away! Stay tuned (:

Stan Hywet Gardens

I have been so excited to finally be able to get to this post! I have been dying to take pictures at this location for months now, but the weather hasn't been so permitting. Stan Hywet Hall is literally one of the most beautiful properties I have seen! I attended an event here a couple years ago and I couldn't believe how extensive and detailed the area was.  The 64,500 square foot manor is completely a work of art! Eight gardens are spread across 70 acres of land and they are full of ponds, fountains, exotic plants and stone pathways. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to actually go into the mansion and walk through the home but I would definitely recommend touring the grounds this season if you have the chance!

I have to say, it's a lot of fun walking through secret gardens in a floor length dress. It really made me feel like a princess being in such a beautiful castle style setting! I love this dress for a couple reasons. One, I'm totally into the whole color block trend that's going on right now. Two, sometimes it is difficult for me to find maxi dresses that actually fit length wise since I’m only 5’2”. So it’s a real score when I can get a full length dress and not have to hem it! This dress is a little old and I can't find it online anywhere but the linked dress at the bottom is a little bit of a different style but I'm obsessed with the black & tan combination. 

It’s crazy that I have been blogging for exactly a year now and I’m so glad that I decided to start doing this because it forces me to at least once a month to go experience something new and of course get some use out of my closet! Anyways, I have a lot more ideas on expanding this site and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! The month of June is going to be very eventful so I will definitely be writing a couple extra posts this upcoming month. Stay tuned!!!

Black & Tan Dress

HOW TO: Choose Your Career Path

Several months ago I wrote a post about how excited I was to begin my first year at Kent State. Having gone to a community college for two years right out of high school wasn't an exciting route for me at first. I was completely undecided on where I wanted to go and what kind of a career I wanted to pursue. How could everyone else be so lucky to know right away what they wanted to do with the rest of their life?! I felt very stuck and lost for a long time, thinking I would just have to pick the first thing that seemed interesting. I wanted to write about this situation because I know there are lots of girls and guys out there that feel the same exact way. By no means am I an expert on life planning, but I am more sure and excited than ever for what the unknown future may hold.

Surprisingly enough, right when I graduated from high school I was initially interested in pursuing a career in marine biology. The complete opposite of the fashion industry! What made me change my mind is I realized where my strengths and weaknesses were. As much as I love the ocean, it has to stay as a destination to visit because I would not last through a single semester of those science classes! Like a lot of girls, my love for dresses, purses and everything frilly has been apparent since I starting walking. But fashion is much more than that! I love being a part of such an artistic and creative industry that influences our everyday lives.  

The moral of the story is that time will eventually show you the path you will end up taking. Instead of comparing your position to where others are in their life, find what your passions are and be as original as you possibly can be. I have learned a lot about myself in the past year that I wasn’t really aware of before. Looking forward, I know that the next five+ years of my life will be full of learning and transition. As my first school year at Kent comes to a close, I’m beginning to see how many opportunities the world has to offer. Relax, no need to worry, the next step is probably closer than you think (: 

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: H&M

Top: Cannot find exact shirt, but I thought this peasant top would also create a great look

Springtime in the City

Guys Spring has finally arrived!! I can't even explain how excited I am that the sun is finally out and I can finally dive into all my fun colorful items that have been packed away all Winter! Coming up on my column at CollegeFashionista I'll talk about that topic specifically featuring a new fabulous fashionista, so keep your eyes peeled for when that goes live!  I've been dying to be able to take pictures on transitioning into the new season, so I'm just going to dive into it!

First on this list is my new seafoam green pencil skirt! How can you beat finding a basic skirt for under $10?! You can't. It's high waisted (of course), and the color is perfect for the Spring season! It was super comfortable as I was stomping around Cleveland, and pretty stretchy after eating a large lamb burger for lunch! I also really like this skirt in the colors Apricot and Navy on the site in case green isn't your thing. 

The faux leather vest was actually a gift from my best friend a few years back, but I know she got it at H&M so I found a similar one! A vest just seems to add a great extra element to an outfit. How boring would the ensemble be without it? My wedges I got at Steve Madden while visiting New York City some time ago and I've tried to keep them in perfect condition! I love the bow detail and because they wrap around the ankle they're super easy and comfy to walk in. They aren't still making this look, but the espadrille look is still very trendy and you can find them just about anywhere!

I adore this color block bag from Charming Charlie's! Although it doesn't exactly match everything and I've only worn it a couple times, it definitely makes a statement in an outfit. Plus since the inside has so much space, I don't regret buying it at all! I had a great day walking through the city with the family, enjoying the sunshine and having a day off! With only a couple weeks left in the semester, I hope to be able to write a lot more in my free time. It's been a crazy few months but I've learned a lot and I'm ready to go on new adventures!! Here's to the new season!

Until next time loves (:



Akron Museum of Art

A couple weeks ago I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art and was very inspired by all the different gorgeous pieces. I knew at that point I had to write a post dedicated to the artwork that made a large impression on me. So, last week I went to the Akron Museum of Art which is actually a little smaller, it took about two hours to walk through. It may take longer for those who like to really take their time on each piece. 

This exhibit was called Neo Geo and the whole area was kind of like an optical illusion. I love how sharp and defined the colors and different patterns are. Having an idea of what the main attractions were at this museum, I decided to go with a very simple and sleek look that would really allow the art work to stick out. This very lightweight jacket is so classy and I'm in love with the puffy sleeves and fuller bottom. This coat is on the older side but I found another super cute trench at Macy's which is a little different but I really like the gold zipper detail and the A-line shape! 

I think I have previously wrote about how art and fashion fall in the same category, and this piece Girlfriends and Lovers is a perfect example. The clothing on these women were encrusted with rhinestones and sparkles that just made the painting pop. This piece definitely made a lasting impression on me that it had to be part of the post! 

In case anyone was wondering, the pants I'm wearing are corduroy skinnies from Athleta and they are extremely comfortable! Stretchy and easy to move in, but they still have a sleek look to them. Black and white are timeless together and seemed to fit this colorful venue perfectly! I love going to new and interesting places to write about and share with everyone. Expect some sunshine in my next post fashionistas/fashionistos!!

City Cuisine: TownHall

So this post is a little bit different because as much as I love talking about clothing, I have to talk about the restaurant I went to with my family last night. Yesterday was a very special event due to the fact my younger brother Jacob turned 18! So the whole family spent a night on the town in Cleveland and checked out a new spot! TownHall is a very unique and eccentric restaurant that features vegan/organic food, funky drinks and a very cozy atmosphere. It had a very natural vibe with wood and cork accents and an awesome fireplace to hang out by. I ordered a rack of lamb with brussel sprouts, sweet potato and a mixed berry glaze...yeah, it was amazing! 


The inside of the restaurant was a little dark so it was hard to get the perfect outfit of the night pictures. But, I love an urban background so going directly outside the place worked great too! I must say, I have nothing against wearing black on black. It simple, classy and timeless so that was the theme I decided to go with in my ensemble! I wore a striped button up blouse for a little pop of color and texture with the leather jacket and black denim pants. Nothing crazy but it was comfortable and practical for this bipolar March weather!

I highly recommend the restaurant if you are interested in trying something different from the typical bar type food. Nothing beats quality family time, some great food and walking the city in some high heels! 

P.S. we are rocking these button-ups!!!

Park Exploration

It's been quite a while! Almost two months to be exact and I'm completely over due. It has been a very busy few months with break quickly coming and going, getting my wisdom teeth out and beginning my internship! I've devoted my usual blogging time to working on my column at CollegeFashionista which is a lot of fun and helpful in connecting with others with similar interests. Feel free to read my January and February posts if you're interested! 

I stumbled across this little park a couple weeks ago and you wouldn't even recognize it because all the big fluffy snow is already melted! I wish I could have taken some pictures while it was snowing but unfortunately I was alone and my phone died so I missed the opportunity. If you can imagine a beautiful frozen lake with huge snowflakes slowly falling to the ground surrounded by dark trees, it's a stunning location. It was very serene being there alone and it really made me think about everything presently going on in my life and where I want my life to be going. I know, it sounds corny but my non-fashion advice of the day is to take the time to get to know yourself and appreciate the moment that you're in! 

ANYWAYS on with the outfit! This may be my favorite cardigan because I love the design that goes down the arms and back. It's really soft and fits extremely well and the neutral colors allow you to wear it with just about any other color! I found this piece at a small boutique in New York City I believe in 2010 and I really wish I knew what the name of the store was! I do know for a fact that I purchased my high waisted skinny jeans for under $20 at Charlotte Russe which was a great find. Now usually I am not the biggest fan of light wash denim, I have a very few amount of them. But for some reason I really like the color and worn look on these. A definite staple!

My black suede high boots and coral head scarf are both lovely finds from Nordstrom that I also got some years back. I think the coral adds a nice pop of color and dresses up the look a little bit more. Even though the boots were a little on the higher side, they are still lasting and look new every season after adding waterproof spray and suede treatment! I really like the simplicity of this outfit and REALLY glad the weather is permitting me to wear it in February! 

I thought I would add the one selfie I got the day I came to the park by myself. How much things change in just over a week! I love exploring new places and being able to share all about them! I'm thinking a night on the town post next? We'll see! Until next time (: