I cannot believe I am actually writing this post right now! It has been my dream for so many years to attend fashion week and I never imagined it would happen so soon! Although I didn't get to tour around to a million different shows, I went to a collection launch and show for the new LIVARI line with collaborating designers Claudine DeSola (Caravan Stylist Studio), Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs (designer). I had the absolute best time and the event was put together so well. Open bar, a lipstick bar by Chapstick, a red carpet and so many interesting people! The show itself was so fun and upbeat with some gorgeous designs. And of course what's a fashion show without an after party, so everyone headed across the street to Hudson Terrace for food and drinks. It was such an amazing experience and really solidified that I am so happy in the field that I chose!

New York Fashion Week Outfit

I linked below all my outfit details. Of course with no time so save up for an extraordinary designer ensemble, I had to make due with shallow pockets! I'm really happy with how my outfit turned out and it came out to being UNDER $100 (very crafty I know). Some of the stores were priced differently due to sales going on at the time, but even at regular price it's extremely affordable given the event! The belt I was wearing is a hand-me-down so I couldn't find it online, but the one I linked is pretty similar! 

I enjoyed every second of my 48 hours in the city and now it's back to my responsibilities again :( Fingers crossed I'll make it to NYFW again next fall!