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Caravan Stylist Studio  to come in for a hair blowout and make-up application. First off, how could anyone pass up a make over?? Certainly not this girl! But it's interesting because this studio is really like no other. Caravan works with exclusively influencers/bloggers/celebs to prep them for special events, photoshoots or the red carpet. In my case, I did not attend a special event but came in to check out their services and products. 

make up art

The studio is inside The Gregory Hotel in midtown so it wasn’t a far trip for me at all. The first thing I noticed walking into the room is all the striking art covering the walls. The paintings above were by artist Hodaya Louis created entirely with make up and make up brushes! Honestly I don’t usually wear a lot of make up (maybe some exaggerated wings or a bold lip but that’s about it). So it was a lot of fun getting the full contoured look for a change! Since I was wearing a pink dress, she gave me a pink to purple smoky eye with bold brows and a nude lip. Plus, I learned how to do do a fishtail braid which is pretty big for me and my not so stellar hair styling skills!

stylist studio
make up stylist studio

The best part is the goodie bag I got to leave with! Since I’ve gotten to the city my hair has become extremely dry and stiff. It may be because the water is different here and my hair isn’t adjusted. But I’ve definitely been needing something to hydrate and define my curls. After explaining this to my stylist she hooked me up with exactly what I needed! The curl quench & coconut oil  is my favorite because it keeps my ends from looking dry and it smells like a beach in a bottle! If you are looking to try some new products on your hair, Olivia Garden products are a great place to start! 

olivia garden beauty products

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