Art of the In-Between

I'm happy to say that after many trips to New York I've finally made it to The Met! My study tour class required us to go take pictures and document the Comme des Garcons "Art of the In-Between" exhibit. In case you aren't familiar, Comme des Garcons is a couture line with Rei Kawakubo as the head designer. As you can tell, it obviously isn't clothing you could wear on a day to day basis...or really actually ever (Except if you're Rihanna because she wore one of the pieces to The Met Gala this past year). It's more about creating inspirational art through the garments to express an idea or theme. 


I'm going to be honest. The designs are very intricate and obviously very difficult to construct. A lot of the designs had a mix of influences from the 1800's to the Asian culture.  But I can't say I'm a fan of the collection. It was a little cryptic for my taste and the shapes were just kind of odd. Not something I would choose to wear on the red carpet but that's just me! 

Unfortunately it was so crowded and I can't really relax or enjoy myself with a million people crowded around. So we didn't get to see a huge portion of the museum :( I definitely want to go back and visit all the different areas because the place is literally huge! I think modern art is just as interesting as ancient art and I'd rather have a whole day to check everything else out. If you enjoy museums, definitely take the time on your next NY trip !