Snow Day with Mr. Camuto

Vince camuto coat

HAPPY SNOW DAY! Since I had some free time today with everything being canceled, I thought it would be perfect to get out into the terrible weather and take some pictures of course! I have been dying to write a post featuring this jacket for the longest time, and I thought I missed the opportunity since it got so warm. But, Ohio never fails to deliver winter so I got my chance! I ventured to a new location and went exploring, but I can't say it was the most enjoyable time seeing that it was 19 degrees and I was freezing my little fingers off! Despite the discomfort the photos turned out beautiful and I love the winter wonderland atmosphere.

Honestly the jacket saved me through the entire shoot. It's super heavy, thick, and since it's long it keeps your whole body warm. Not to mention the massive hood blocks just about anything from hitting your face. But the real reason I'm so in love with the coat is because it's a great mix of functionality and style (which yes, can be just as much of a necessity). Any coat can be warm but if it's adorable on top of it, you've found a winner. I love the gold detail because it's not a cheap brassy gold (which I think Michael Kors has a tendency to look that way with their hardware) but closer to a rose gold. 

vince camuto jacket

Another thing to add, I love how the coat has a slight hourglass shape to it. I hate drowning in big puffy coats with no shape that make you look like the Michelin Man. What lady doesn't want to have a little shape to her silhouette? The one and only problem I have with the jacket is that the front zipper can be a pain. I can't tell you how many times the lining gets caught and jammed! I think the fabric used for the zipper lining is too flexible but that's just my personal opinion.  

Vince Camuto coat

Side note, can we just take a moment to realize how deep the snow was on this trail?! I think my unpractical self needs to get some snow boots before posting any more winter pictures! Anyways, since the winter fashion season is over, it's not available for me to find the link to this jacket on Dillard's anymore. Couldn't even find it on Amazon! But, if anything I hope you'll find a fabulous jacket next winter that is just as functional and stylish. I'll link below a couple that are different but just as adorable! Enjoy your day off & see ya next time!

Vince Camuto Jacket