Curl Routine

It's really depressing that I haven't posted anything in a whole month! Finals are over and I'm officially graduated which means my blog finally gets my full attention (: I've had quite a few people ask me what my daily hair routine is since I have naturally very large and very curly hair. The good and bad thing about it is that my hair never really turns out the same way twice. The amount of volume or bounciness changes ALL the time. But the steps below create the best natural look for my hair and are SUPER easy. I've watched so many curly hair tutorials and they are usually a lot of work, so I thought sharing a quick routine would be helpful. Also, I partnered up again with Maple Holistics so be sure to check out the link at the bottom for some free samples!! 

natural shampoo

I was excited to try this new shampoo because I really enjoyed the Eucalyptus Bubble Bath product that I review in this blog post. For some reason my hair adapts to products that I use for too long and doesn't turn out the same as it did when I started using it....very annoying. But for curls, natural products are key so I definitely wanted to try this bottle! I found that this product doesn't lather very much, so I felt like I had to use a little more than usual. But it is a therapeutic formula for hair and scalp nourishment, and I've noticed that my scalp and hair isn't as dry as usual in the winter. 

  • Wash with Special Formula Shampoo  : Not every time!!!!! Too much shampoo throughout the weeks isn't good for those curls! 
  • Condition with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Conditioner: TjMaxx sells it for super cheap and makes my hair so soft 
  • Teaspoon of coconut oil: After my hair is washed & I'm out of the shower, I rub the oil between my hands and distribute through hair evenly 
  • Blow Dry with diffuser: the diffuser brings all the volume without making the curls frizzy and flat
  • Spritz with Kerastase fixing & hold spray: defines all the curls and tames the fly aways. 
  • Style away! 
curly hair

If I wash my hair late at night, I like to keep the hair wet and wear it in a tight bun or two french braids over night. By morning it takes on a completely different shape! (Never know what you're gonna get honestly) But that's the gist of my routine! It's very simple and not too time consuming. Be sure to check out the link below for samples and other fun natural products!