Netflix & Chill with Adore Me

Let's face it, sometimes we all love being lazy as ever and binge watching our favorite shows for hours on end. During the cold months, it's nice to have a relaxing night in and forget about all your responsibilities (that you really should be working on instead but oh well). I've partnered up with  Adore Me and their "Netflix & Chill" campaign to create the ultimate movie night! I have to admit, I'm still relaxing in this little set up as I'm writing up this post, and will probably watch another flick once I'm finished! 

First off, you have to set the mood. I found super cheap lights to string across my little fort at Hobby Lobby, and threw all the big comfy pillows onto my bed. Of course I can't enjoy a good movie marathon without my favorite fuzzy Hyde Park blanket to snuggle up in. After the set up was together I could change into my comfy PINK leggings, oversized tee from Gabe's, and extremely furry alpaca slippers! 

Tonight was definitely a "treat yoself" night. Champagne, mini cupcakes and popcorn don't exactly go together but honestly who's judging? Movie nights are all about the array of junk food you can enjoy! I just began the Shameless series that everyone has been ranting about so we'll see if I can get hooked into that! I can never get tired of watching Friends, The Office or LOST reruns. Gotta love the classics!! My ultimate movie night was pretty successful. And even though it's a blast to have movie nights with family, friends or significant others, it's also nice to spend a night to yourself! With all my roommates being gone over winter break I've had to get used to being alone sometimes, and now I actually look forward to quiet nights with the place to myself! So next time you're feeling stressed, set yourself up an indoor tent and veg out till you pass out (; Until next time!