Goodbye Summer!

Now that we are in that awkward stage between summer and fall, I'm having a difficult time deciding what to wear on a daily basis. Part of me is super excited to dive into autumn colors, heavier layers and of course all the boots that have been stashed away for the past few months. But with the amount of sunshine and higher temperatures that I've been experiencing in little Kent, Ohio, I've been bouncing between my summer and autumn wardrobe. SO I thought I would share some ideas I've been using in order to make an easy and appropriate transition! 

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I've been finding that even though it may be pretty toasty outside, my classes are usually almost always freezing! So I've been trying to wear lighter weight garments and toting around a cute cardigan or thin blazer for my afternoon classes. The early mornings are beginning to be on the slightly chilly side so a leather vest or comfy zip up is a helpful addition. On the day I took these pictures at the Prayers For Maria Sunflower Field, the sun showed nooo mercy! I was actually really hot in this one piece romper (Forever 21). But I loved the neutral off pink color of the romper and I thought it went well with the bright yellow flowers!

In my opinion, changes in color is the best way to dress for awkward months. Even if it's warmer out, I've been finding myself wearing oranges, nudes, and grays instead of pastels. That was the main thing that inspired me to go with darker hair instead of the bright red/purple I've been going with. I wanted to do something totally different and go with a deeper and bolder look.

 I always used to question the purpose of boots with open peep toes. No one wants super cold toes, and no one wants to wear a boot mid summer. But these in-between months offer perfect conditions for those specific pieces! Thankfully it will only be a little while longer before we will need to full on switch over into the next season. Until then, I'll be enjoying as much summer sunshine as I can get!