Nelson Ledges Quarry Park & State Park

So I decided to do something a little different for this post! After spending the day at Nelson Ledges, we had so much footage it didn't seem that I could actually capture the entire day in sharing a couple pictures. The weather was perfect and the water was clear and refreshing to say the least. This was our first time visiting the lake/park and it was definitely worth the money! Entry is only $5.00 unless there is some sort of festival going on, like the day we went there was a heavy metal festival we were unaware of so we paid $15.00. As a very cheap summer adventure, I would recommend checking it out before it begins to cool off and classes are started up again! I had a fantastic time with my friends and created a lot of unforgettable memories. Also in case you were wondering, everything was shot on a GoPro! (Shoutout to Robert for hooking us up). Hope you enjoy (: