HOW TO: Build Your Wardrobe With a Tight Wallet

Of course we all love the big glamourous brands that dazzle us with their intricate details and ensembles. But honestly, the majority of the population isn't wearing those names and being a college student I am nowhere near them! But not to worry, you don't need a lot of money to build a great closet. In this post I'm sharing some of my bargaining tips that hopefully you can use the next time you go shopping with a tight wallet!  

Believe it or not, the outfit I'm wearing came to a grand total of $27.00! The crop top was a fun steal from H&M for $17.00 about two years ago and my turquoise pumps were an insane $10.00 at Gabriel Brother's! The pleather skirt was actually a hand me down from my best friend who didn't want it anymore ( S/O to Shelby for hooking me up! ). But the skirt is from Forever 21 which could not have been an expensive buy either. Now I know that a lot of times you have to pay for quality of clothing. When purchasing certain fabrics or staple pieces that will last you a lifetime, of course you're going to want to spend a few extra dollars. But the two main factors I look at when buying a cheaper clothing item, is comfort and aesthetics. 

I've learned to never buy a pair of heels if you can't even manage walking around the store in them. You have to be in love with each purchase you make whether you're spending a lot of money on it or not. Luckily these shoes have a super squishy sole and fit just right so I never have any issues with blisters or sore toes! Unfortunately it's never really easy finding items like this. In stores like Forever 21 and Gabe's you really have to dig to find a great piece. Just make sure to take your time and look at just about everything!

Another thing I've learned, is to never write off the mall because you think everything will be too expensive. I always used to think going to the mall for a cheap outfit was useless but if you go into the right stores, you'll find what you need! Even if you find one piece that you're not sure whether it will go with anything you have, get it anyways! I almost never purchase whole outfits all at once. That way you can broaden the selection of your wardrobe small steps at a time and not spend a lot in the process! Hopefully this article helps with whatever aspect your closet needs. Whether it's a specific outfit or just collecting items to put together a whole bunch of outfits! Good luck and happy shopping!!