Formation World Tour: Pittsburgh

To say the least, this concert was an unforgettable experience! So many people have been asking about how amazing the concert was so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with everyone! We arrived in Pittsburgh pretty early in the day which was a great move because this was my first time visiting the city and it gave us the chance to explore a little bit. It was so extremely hot outside, but the streets were packed and everyone was out and about in the city. It was just my Aunt and I that made the trip and we had such a good time walking around and eating lunch at a little café in Market Square. I was really surprised as to how much there is to do and see in Pittsburg so I'm glad we spent a little extra time in the area other than just seeing the concert.

We stayed at the Fairmont which was gorgeous and packed with modern decor, not to mention a beautiful view of the city. At this point I was just so ecstatic for the night ahead of us! Of course I have to talk really quick about this outfit I've been saving for this particular event. This romper is to die for! I found it at Nordstrom, but it's really not something I would see on the rack and think I would even look good in. I'm not usually one for super low cut and completely open back, but the rep at the store brought it in for me and I fell in love with it! The front looks like a dress but it's actually shorts and it fit like a glove! I'll tag some similar rompers from Nordstrom below because I cannot find the exact romper on their website. It was purchased only a few weeks ago so I'm sure they still have it in store!

OKAY so finally on to the concert. Obviously she did a fantastic job, if there was an error during the performance you wouldn't even know it.  The giant cube in the middle of the stage constantly played cut scenes from music videos and of course the newest production Lemonade. The show included a TON of new choreography which is personally always exciting for me to watch. I thought this concert was a lot different compared to the On the Run Tour because she chose a lot of songs that I have never seen her perform live before like Rocket, Runnin', Mine etc. It was so high energy from beginning to end with pyrotechnics, confetti and a finale that included dancing in a pool of water. Whether you like her music or not, she puts on a fantastic show! 

Overall it was a great experience and encourage anyone to see their favorite artist live. It creates a lot of unforgettable memories you can't put a price tag on! The day after the concert was spent eating and site seeing until we had to return home. It was a great side trip and I'm super excited for my next adventure that's already less than a week away! Stay tuned (: