City Cuisine: TownHall

So this post is a little bit different because as much as I love talking about clothing, I have to talk about the restaurant I went to with my family last night. Yesterday was a very special event due to the fact my younger brother Jacob turned 18! So the whole family spent a night on the town in Cleveland and checked out a new spot! TownHall is a very unique and eccentric restaurant that features vegan/organic food, funky drinks and a very cozy atmosphere. It had a very natural vibe with wood and cork accents and an awesome fireplace to hang out by. I ordered a rack of lamb with brussel sprouts, sweet potato and a mixed berry glaze...yeah, it was amazing! 


The inside of the restaurant was a little dark so it was hard to get the perfect outfit of the night pictures. But, I love an urban background so going directly outside the place worked great too! I must say, I have nothing against wearing black on black. It simple, classy and timeless so that was the theme I decided to go with in my ensemble! I wore a striped button up blouse for a little pop of color and texture with the leather jacket and black denim pants. Nothing crazy but it was comfortable and practical for this bipolar March weather!

I highly recommend the restaurant if you are interested in trying something different from the typical bar type food. Nothing beats quality family time, some great food and walking the city in some high heels! 

P.S. we are rocking these button-ups!!!