Akron Museum of Art

A couple weeks ago I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art and was very inspired by all the different gorgeous pieces. I knew at that point I had to write a post dedicated to the artwork that made a large impression on me. So, last week I went to the Akron Museum of Art which is actually a little smaller, it took about two hours to walk through. It may take longer for those who like to really take their time on each piece. 

This exhibit was called Neo Geo and the whole area was kind of like an optical illusion. I love how sharp and defined the colors and different patterns are. Having an idea of what the main attractions were at this museum, I decided to go with a very simple and sleek look that would really allow the art work to stick out. This very lightweight jacket is so classy and I'm in love with the puffy sleeves and fuller bottom. This coat is on the older side but I found another super cute trench at Macy's which is a little different but I really like the gold zipper detail and the A-line shape! 

I think I have previously wrote about how art and fashion fall in the same category, and this piece Girlfriends and Lovers is a perfect example. The clothing on these women were encrusted with rhinestones and sparkles that just made the painting pop. This piece definitely made a lasting impression on me that it had to be part of the post! 

In case anyone was wondering, the pants I'm wearing are corduroy skinnies from Athleta and they are extremely comfortable! Stretchy and easy to move in, but they still have a sleek look to them. Black and white are timeless together and seemed to fit this colorful venue perfectly! I love going to new and interesting places to write about and share with everyone. Expect some sunshine in my next post fashionistas/fashionistos!!