First Day of Winter....

As much as I don't really enjoy wintertime, I'm thankful there is still a lot to look forward to during this time of year. School is finally out for break and all the holiday events are kicking off! This New Years I am especially excited for so I will definitely be posting about that soirée. In this post I kinda wanted to talk about some of my favorite new winter accessories, and my first visit to a cute cupcake shop in my hometown! A Cupcake a Day is a small shop in the Medina square that serves coffee and an array of cupcake flavors that's almost impossible to choose from! Being a sucker for marshmallows, I picked hot cocoa (;

Being the freeze baby that I am, I was slightly worried that I was going to be chilly in this outfit, but surprisingly I wasn't! It's all about the layers and I had on quite a few. I've had this vest from Nordstrom BP for several years now and it is still a dime piece. I love the braided knit on the front and unique checkered print on the back. Also, a hint of fur in the winter is always a nice warm touch. My gloves were a new gift from my mom that were thick enough to keep my hands warm even though my fingertips were exposed. Nice for using your phone and not having to take your gloves off! My absolute favorite part of the outfit though are these fantastic boots. They are super comfortable and the all rubber bottom keeps you from slipping on slush & ice (and trust clumsy self needs all the help I can get). These were actually a gem find on Groupon, so keep your eyes peeled on that site for some really cute pieces. 

I've kind of been in a hat kick lately. I've gotten about five new hats since fall and I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that three of them are the same exact hat in different colors. But I'm convinced I need a pom pom hat that matches every outfit! When walking around the square I came across another one to add to my mini collection and hey, why not throw it on with the current outfit? 

I was so busy between work and finals that my poor blog lacked a lot of attention. But with my overwhelming amount of free time, more posts will be coming soon! HAPPY WINTER !