Welcome to Miami!

Sooo returning back to Ohio hasn't been the most exciting part of the week, but I would have to say my first trip to Miami was a success! Sunshine and a few days on the beach is the best form of therapy and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was very fortunate to have stayed at the 1 South Hotel which literally just opened a few months ago, so it was really nice to stay in a brand spankin new hotel. I've never stayed in a place anything like it either. Everything was white and nature themed yet very modern at the same time. Whoever designed the whole pad was a genius.

Of course being in the city there are plenty of places to shop and I have to say I'm proud I didn't spend every penny in my bank account! I really only purchased a couple pairs of sunglasses from Aldo Accessories and a really cute top from Desigual which I may end up featuring in a post at a later date (Not the top I am wearing in this post). I like how colorful & light it is with the Spanish flare that the whole line carries. If you haven't heard of their clothing line already, they have some really cool, unique pieces that you may like!

The outfit I'm wearing in these pictures was not the most practical for the amount of time we spent outside. I was ready to hop on a plane and head back home, (Note: I'm always freezing on planes) so I decided to wear jeans. Wasn't exactly the best idea at the time but I got over it eventually and just tried to enjoy my last couple hours! The top is a fun piece from Boston Proper, I love all the beading and floral patterns on it. Perfect little beach top! The white sandals I found on clearance last summer for $25 at Fashion Island. Their website Cathyjeanshoes.com has a ton of great prices as well if you're ever in for a new pair of kicks!

Everyone loves visiting new places and making memories, I sure made a lot that I'll never forget. Unfortunately I knew this trip would pretty much mark the end of the summer but that's okay, I'm nothing but excited to get to school this year! Until next time (;

Top: Boston Proper

Sandals: Cathy Jean

Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories