New Beginnings

For once in my life, I can actually say I'm so excited that school has started! My classes are actually interesting now and with a lot of hard work, they will absolutely pay off. I'm very proud to say that I'm a golden flash at Kent as my Grandparents and my Dad were. Anyways, there are so many beautiful places to take photographs on campus but I thought it would be neat to use the fashion building as the focal point. 

I wanted this post to be a cute, fall themed, back to school type deal but it's been so hot out that the scarves, boots and thick jackets are going to have to wait a post or two! (Not going to complain about it either!) To start, I have to acknowledge my new book bag. It was a gift from my mom and I absolutely adore it. It's a leather black and tan color block backpack by Steve Madden. I love the gold hardware, it matches everything and it's a perfect size for me. Can't beat it! 

My soft pink tweed blazer was a steal at Marshall's, I'm pretty sure I got it for less than $20 and it's lasted me a couple of years now. My jeans are so comfortable (as comfortable as skinny jeans can get) that I would gladly wear them with just about anything. The brand is called Indigo Rein which I have never heard of until I bought them, but I'm sure happy that I did. Also you can't go wrong with a healthy supply of ballet flats for the school year. As much as I would love to wear heels everyday to my classes, it's really not practical for the distance I have to unfortunate. But flats can be just as awesome, I found these Report ballet flats at Nordstrom Rack for I believe around $30 so I got them for a pretty decent price. 

I know this year is going to go by so fast and I'm really trying to enjoy every minute of it. Wishing everyone a great and successful school experience! Here's to a new year (: