Keeping Your Summer Style on Track

To start off, I have to express my slight irritation with the rain and gloom this summer (Ohio at its' finest). I'm a little disappointed that I can only really wear my summer wardrobe on occasion anymore :( But on the bright side I guess it just allows me to experiment with different sorts of layering and maybe pairing things I normally wouldn't. Dressing practically is of course important, but keeping a light summery touch is always nice too! For example, usually I wouldn't wear leather pants in the middle of July. It just sounds hot and uncomfortable really, but the day these shots were taken it was pretty cool out and wearing shorts or a skirt wasn't going to cut it. The really great thing about these pants too, is the leather is only on the front, leaving the back with a thicker, legging type material. That feature alone makes them super comfortable and more breathable than a cheap pair of faux leather pants. I found them on sale at Dillard's about a year ago and it was definitely worth the purchase! 

My addiction to buying thin ankle strap heels is probably getting worse, but there are too many cute pairs for amazing prices!!! I found these at Charlotte Russe for an insane $ honestly can't beat that! I have to admit though they are not the most comfortable, so it's okay to splurge every once in a while on a shoe that is really comfy and will last you multiple seasons.

I'm really hoping this summer brightens up! The next couple days are promising so hopefully it keeps up and we are able enjoy our favorite pieces that have been packed up for a good six months!

Shirt: Bobeau (Nordstrom)

Pants: Chelsea & Violet (Dillard's)

Shoes & Rings: Charlotte Russe