Mahi Leather Giveaway!

It’s been a while but I’m coming back with a giveaway for you guys!! Through May and June, Mahi Leather is giving away a personalized leather backpack every two weeks (up to $150). You can sift through their bags here. Honestly makes for the perfect Father's Day gift in case you haven't found anything good yet! The link to the submission page is at the bottom and all you have to do is enter your name and email address.



This brand is so neat I can't wait to get a little piece of my own! I've been so busy with moving and working lately I haven't been able to write as often as I'd like to. But I have another post coming up VERY soon that I can't wait to share with everyone. As a little hint, it has to do with my recent move😉 Good luck on the giveaway!!!


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High Key Street Style

quay sunglasses

I have no idea why, but for some reason it took me FOREVER to purchase a pair of Quay sunglasses. I've been in the market for a new pair for a while but never took the time to go try the different colors on. I landed on the High Key's in Gold.  I'm a huge Desi Perkins fan of course so I have been following all of her collections that have been dropping with the brand! I like them because of how large the lenses are compared to other aviators I own. Even when I wear my hair really big, they still make a statement! 

quay sunglasses style

For the outfit details! The crop top I got on sale for $7 at H&M in Soho. I don't think they sell it anymore but keep your eyes peeled in the clearance section there because you can really find some good deals if you dig enough! The black pants aren't as high as I wanted them to be but I lost the pair I really wanted to wear and was stuck with these :( I think they still worked though! These fabulous boots I actually borrowed from my love Alison Epp . She got them from Gabe's but I found a couple similar pairs that I tagged at the bottom! 

over the knee boots
quay sunglasses

Side note my mom did such a good job with these pictures!!! Nothing like an impromptu shoot on a nice day 🌞

Satin Over the Knee Boots    

Peep Toe Over the Knee Boots

Curl Routine

It's really depressing that I haven't posted anything in a whole month! Finals are over and I'm officially graduated which means my blog finally gets my full attention (: I've had quite a few people ask me what my daily hair routine is since I have naturally very large and very curly hair. The good and bad thing about it is that my hair never really turns out the same way twice. The amount of volume or bounciness changes ALL the time. But the steps below create the best natural look for my hair and are SUPER easy. I've watched so many curly hair tutorials and they are usually a lot of work, so I thought sharing a quick routine would be helpful. Also, I partnered up again with Maple Holistics so be sure to check out the link at the bottom for some free samples!! 

natural shampoo

I was excited to try this new shampoo because I really enjoyed the Eucalyptus Bubble Bath product that I review in this blog post. For some reason my hair adapts to products that I use for too long and doesn't turn out the same as it did when I started using it....very annoying. But for curls, natural products are key so I definitely wanted to try this bottle! I found that this product doesn't lather very much, so I felt like I had to use a little more than usual. But it is a therapeutic formula for hair and scalp nourishment, and I've noticed that my scalp and hair isn't as dry as usual in the winter. 

  • Wash with Special Formula Shampoo  : Not every time!!!!! Too much shampoo throughout the weeks isn't good for those curls! 
  • Condition with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Conditioner: TjMaxx sells it for super cheap and makes my hair so soft 
  • Teaspoon of coconut oil: After my hair is washed & I'm out of the shower, I rub the oil between my hands and distribute through hair evenly 
  • Blow Dry with diffuser: the diffuser brings all the volume without making the curls frizzy and flat
  • Spritz with Kerastase fixing & hold spray: defines all the curls and tames the fly aways. 
  • Style away! 
curly hair

If I wash my hair late at night, I like to keep the hair wet and wear it in a tight bun or two french braids over night. By morning it takes on a completely different shape! (Never know what you're gonna get honestly) But that's the gist of my routine! It's very simple and not too time consuming. Be sure to check out the link below for samples and other fun natural products! 


Holiday Shopping Inspiration

I don't know if it's just me but I tend to plan out my holiday outfits way in advance. I've already been searching around for NYE! The most important thing for Thanksgiving is to look together enough for all the family members you haven't seen in a year, but still be comfortable. New Years, the exact opposite! I don't know yet what theme I'm going for but it's gotta be good! I've been noticing a lot of great sales and of course Cyber Monday is coming up so here are a few items I've had my eye on (:

Also, after shopping around I've found that literally EVERYWHERE is starting their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Express, MissGuided and selected items at Forever 21 are all 50% off! Happy shopping!!

Treat Yourself: Spa Day with Maple Holistics


Every now and then we need to take the time to relax and get our mind away from the daily stressors. I was more than willing to work with Maple Holistics in this blog post and try out their Eucalyptus bubble bath product! I've done a spa night post before that was a little different and featured a milk and flower petal bath that you can read here. I just think it's so important to spend some time with yourself, get a nice drink (wine, tea, whatever your preference), listen to some music and relax!



I know using soaps and bubble bath gel with amazing scents are fun to use. But the nice thing about Maple Holistics is that they are an all natural brand that doesn't use sulfates and are made in the US. When you're sitting in a bath and having a product soak into your body, you want it to be safe and healthy for you too! Eucalyptus is good for relieving muscle pain, breathing, mental exhaustion & sickness, skin and many other ailments. I felt so refreshed by the end of my bath!  


Music honestly makes the whole experience that much better. It helps your mind concentrate on solely the sounds and how you feel in the moment. If you've never heard of Deuter, throw that station on next time you want to wind down and you'll get the best spa/nature soundscapes you can ask for. Side note, in case you were wondering about the costume change I got extremely hot in the first robe while taking pictures and had to switch to a lighter one 😅


SO of you aren't feeling like dressing up and going out, maybe a nice "treat yoself" night would be a good substitute! Make sure to check out the Maple Holistics website to try a free product & get your spa night started here 🛀🏽

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Fall Stylewe Review

Stylewe review

So I'm very excited to share my first blog post with a special guest!! If you can't already tell, my mom and I are twinning in our new Stylewe outfits. I wanted to share another review because I really loved the first dress that I received from the brand a few posts back. (If you haven't read that one yet, you can check it out here). And now that we are into the fall season I thought it would be fun to share a new look! 

military jacket
button up jacket

I'm being 100% honest when I say I am in love with this jacket. I wasn't sure if it was going to fit the way I wanted it to but it actually fits perfectly and gives me the hourglass shape I was hoping it would (I'm wearing a size 0)! It's a very deep royal blue color and definitely makes a statement! You can find it on their site at this link right here! The buttons are functional and decorative, but there are also a couple hidden buttons that continue below the visible ones to really pull in the waist area which I really liked. 

asymmetrical dress

Look how cute my mama is looking!!! A great thing about the brand is that a lot of the styles are very classic so it's not exactly for just one age group. It's versatile and all the pieces are very unique! The fabric of this asymmetrical dress is a little heavier which makes it so flattering, and look at the little butterfly details!!? I think everyone needs a LBD in their wardrobe & you can find that piece on the website here

Mother daughter outfits
Stylwe with mom

As much as I wish the NYC skyline was in the background, Cleveland works out pretty nice too! A lot of the times my mom is the one behind the camera so it was fun being at home and doing something a little different. Love you mum (:

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I cannot believe I am actually writing this post right now! It has been my dream for so many years to attend fashion week and I never imagined it would happen so soon! Although I didn't get to tour around to a million different shows, I went to a collection launch and show for the new LIVARI line with collaborating designers Claudine DeSola (Caravan Stylist Studio), Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black) and Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs (designer). I had the absolute best time and the event was put together so well. Open bar, a lipstick bar by Chapstick, a red carpet and so many interesting people! The show itself was so fun and upbeat with some gorgeous designs. And of course what's a fashion show without an after party, so everyone headed across the street to Hudson Terrace for food and drinks. It was such an amazing experience and really solidified that I am so happy in the field that I chose!

New York Fashion Week Outfit

I linked below all my outfit details. Of course with no time so save up for an extraordinary designer ensemble, I had to make due with shallow pockets! I'm really happy with how my outfit turned out and it came out to being UNDER $100 (very crafty I know). Some of the stores were priced differently due to sales going on at the time, but even at regular price it's extremely affordable given the event! The belt I was wearing is a hand-me-down so I couldn't find it online, but the one I linked is pretty similar! 

I enjoyed every second of my 48 hours in the city and now it's back to my responsibilities again :( Fingers crossed I'll make it to NYFW again next fall! 

Street Stylewe


The weeks are just flying by out here and I can't even stand the thought of actually leaving this place! I love running around through the different neighborhoods and trying every possible type of food that I'll never get to eat back in Ohio. But on a more positive note, I still have a couple more weeks left and I plan to make the absolute best of it. These photos were taken in Soho, China Town, and the High Line on the west side. Every little street in the Soho area is so unique and packed with little boutique shops and restaurants. Definitely one of my favorite areas in the city!

Soho Street Style

The dress that I am wearing is a Frill Sleeve mini dress from StyleWe. I'm not usually huge red person, but I needed a little color added to my wardrobe. I love how it's simple yet bold, and has that little element of detail with the frill trim! The material isn't too thin but still very fluid, the only thing is that if you don't iron it before going out it tends to get wrinkly. So I factor that into my getting ready time! I also love this piece because you can dress it up or down and wear it to different occasions. I wore this dress with flats and my hair up, but easily dressed it up with heels and bold earrings!

China Town
The High Line

StyleWe has unique pieces that I think could cater to both the trendy and the more sophisticated woman. Not to mention I can't stop shopping through their outwear for the upcoming fall season (outwear is my weakness, I love a great jacket/blazer). I wish so bad that I could be in New York during the winter because there are a million gorgeous festivities in the city I'd love to take pictures of!  Until then, summer will work just fine for me (: 

The High Line

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Caravan Stylist Studio

Hair and Make up

Caravan Stylist Studio  to come in for a hair blowout and make-up application. First off, how could anyone pass up a make over?? Certainly not this girl! But it's interesting because this studio is really like no other. Caravan works with exclusively influencers/bloggers/celebs to prep them for special events, photoshoots or the red carpet. In my case, I did not attend a special event but came in to check out their services and products. 

make up art

The studio is inside The Gregory Hotel in midtown so it wasn’t a far trip for me at all. The first thing I noticed walking into the room is all the striking art covering the walls. The paintings above were by artist Hodaya Louis created entirely with make up and make up brushes! Honestly I don’t usually wear a lot of make up (maybe some exaggerated wings or a bold lip but that’s about it). So it was a lot of fun getting the full contoured look for a change! Since I was wearing a pink dress, she gave me a pink to purple smoky eye with bold brows and a nude lip. Plus, I learned how to do do a fishtail braid which is pretty big for me and my not so stellar hair styling skills!

stylist studio
make up stylist studio

The best part is the goodie bag I got to leave with! Since I’ve gotten to the city my hair has become extremely dry and stiff. It may be because the water is different here and my hair isn’t adjusted. But I’ve definitely been needing something to hydrate and define my curls. After explaining this to my stylist she hooked me up with exactly what I needed! The curl quench & coconut oil  is my favorite because it keeps my ends from looking dry and it smells like a beach in a bottle! If you are looking to try some new products on your hair, Olivia Garden products are a great place to start! 

olivia garden beauty products

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Art of the In-Between

I'm happy to say that after many trips to New York I've finally made it to The Met! My study tour class required us to go take pictures and document the Comme des Garcons "Art of the In-Between" exhibit. In case you aren't familiar, Comme des Garcons is a couture line with Rei Kawakubo as the head designer. As you can tell, it obviously isn't clothing you could wear on a day to day basis...or really actually ever (Except if you're Rihanna because she wore one of the pieces to The Met Gala this past year). It's more about creating inspirational art through the garments to express an idea or theme. 


I'm going to be honest. The designs are very intricate and obviously very difficult to construct. A lot of the designs had a mix of influences from the 1800's to the Asian culture.  But I can't say I'm a fan of the collection. It was a little cryptic for my taste and the shapes were just kind of odd. Not something I would choose to wear on the red carpet but that's just me! 

Unfortunately it was so crowded and I can't really relax or enjoy myself with a million people crowded around. So we didn't get to see a huge portion of the museum :( I definitely want to go back and visit all the different areas because the place is literally huge! I think modern art is just as interesting as ancient art and I'd rather have a whole day to check everything else out. If you enjoy museums, definitely take the time on your next NY trip !

For Our Mothers

It's funny how many different phases we go through with our moms. We start with 100% dependency, to total defiance, then to realizing they were actually right all along. As much as I try to convince myself I'm ok on my own, my mom is still swooping in to save me when I need it most. We are never really too old to need our mothers, and it's really important to take the time to show them how appreciative we are for their hard work and unconditional love. 

My mom is my absolute biggest fan. She is the literal definition of a "do it for the vine" type person. The amount of time and effort she's put into helping me film dance videos and take pictures for my blog is crazy! We've gone just about everywhere in our reach and spouted out every ridiculous idea that came to mind. It's hard to imagine doing everything that I have without such a support system. 

Women's watch

This month, I have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches so one of you could have the perfect Mother's Day Gift your mom deserves! Here I am wearing the Frankie Series Dark Sandalwood and Smoke watch. I love the color of the wood and the very elegant touch of the gold accents. It's very simple but bold at the same time. The face is a little larger than the usual woman's watch but I actually really like it! The watch is definitely a statement piece for whoever you decide to gift it to. 

Cool Watch

The giveaway offers $100 to the contest winner, and $25 just for entering! I've linked the page below that takes you straight to the contest page. All you need to enter is your name and e-mail address!

I hope that everyone enjoys spending time with their mother's or mother figures this upcoming holiday. Never take them for granted and treat them well with a gorgeous gift! 

unique watch

Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Bell Sleeves in the Big City

Bell Sleeve Top

Hello and happy Sunday people! I'm honestly a little sad to be writing this post because it means I have returned back to Ohio from my spring break in the big apple. It was a really last minute decision to head out in it was all planned about a week before leaving. Major props to my Aunt for figuring out all the flight, hotel and restaurant reservations in such a short time! We stayed on the 15th floor of the Affinia Fifty Hotel that had a beautiful view and champagne awaiting our arrival. Since it was my dad's first time in the city we visited Rockefellar Center, the Flatiron District, Times Square and a few other touristy spots. It's been about 6 years since I've been to NYC so I enjoyed every minute of it!  

New York City

Now let's talk about this shirt! I am so thankful that Blue Vanilla sent me this gorgeous and elegant bell sleeve top. It's actually an off the shoulder body suit and I cannot even tell you how many compliments I received from it! The elevator guy, random people on the street, store workers, it was a hit! It's definitely a statement piece and the ivory off white color makes it easy to match with everything. This size is a small, I probably could've gone with an extra small only because I have a short torso and the bottom portion of the bodysuit goes a little lower than I'd like. But overall very true to size! 

Flatiron District
Body Suit

Honestly, I could write a food blog post on every restaurant we went to. The food in New York never fails to blow me away. We enjoyed asian food twice at Tao and Buddakan, Italian at Lavo and domestic fusion at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain. Fantastic line up and I would highly recommend any of them for your next visit!  

City View

Aside from my internship interviews and meetings, there was a lot of time to explore. It was my first time visiting the Top of the Rock and it was breathtaking. Pictures really don't do this city justice! I'm so excited to be moving out here for the summer and sharing all of my new experiences with you. I left a link to this lovely top below, be sure to check out all of Blue Vanilla's  new spring arrivals because they are just adorable!

Lots more NY posts to come beginning in June, until next time!!

Bell Sleeve Bardot Bodysuit

Snow Day with Mr. Camuto

Vince camuto coat

HAPPY SNOW DAY! Since I had some free time today with everything being canceled, I thought it would be perfect to get out into the terrible weather and take some pictures of course! I have been dying to write a post featuring this jacket for the longest time, and I thought I missed the opportunity since it got so warm. But, Ohio never fails to deliver winter so I got my chance! I ventured to a new location and went exploring, but I can't say it was the most enjoyable time seeing that it was 19 degrees and I was freezing my little fingers off! Despite the discomfort the photos turned out beautiful and I love the winter wonderland atmosphere.

Honestly the jacket saved me through the entire shoot. It's super heavy, thick, and since it's long it keeps your whole body warm. Not to mention the massive hood blocks just about anything from hitting your face. But the real reason I'm so in love with the coat is because it's a great mix of functionality and style (which yes, can be just as much of a necessity). Any coat can be warm but if it's adorable on top of it, you've found a winner. I love the gold detail because it's not a cheap brassy gold (which I think Michael Kors has a tendency to look that way with their hardware) but closer to a rose gold. 

vince camuto jacket

Another thing to add, I love how the coat has a slight hourglass shape to it. I hate drowning in big puffy coats with no shape that make you look like the Michelin Man. What lady doesn't want to have a little shape to her silhouette? The one and only problem I have with the jacket is that the front zipper can be a pain. I can't tell you how many times the lining gets caught and jammed! I think the fabric used for the zipper lining is too flexible but that's just my personal opinion.  

Vince Camuto coat

Side note, can we just take a moment to realize how deep the snow was on this trail?! I think my unpractical self needs to get some snow boots before posting any more winter pictures! Anyways, since the winter fashion season is over, it's not available for me to find the link to this jacket on Dillard's anymore. Couldn't even find it on Amazon! But, if anything I hope you'll find a fabulous jacket next winter that is just as functional and stylish. I'll link below a couple that are different but just as adorable! Enjoy your day off & see ya next time!

Vince Camuto Jacket

Date Night Wish List

SO I did not realize how consistent my taste in color was until after I was finished shopping around! Apparently I am really into the pastels and neutrals right now. But honestly I think it's a good way to go when on your special date night. Instead of an extremely obnoxious outfit, I think a simple and elegant ensemble is much more appealing. But that's just me! By the way, the lip crayon that I tagged is an absolute life saver. For $22 I purchased my color and it has lasted me for years. The color stays strong throughout the night and applies very smooth. I highly recommend it for a night of eating and drinking! Also, I'm obsessed with the velvet trend going on right now. Any color, any style, I'm most likely a fan! I ended up buying the last off the shoulder velvet top from my Black Friday Wishlist post and it was absolutely worth it. Great statement piece! Anyways, happy shopping and enjoy wherever you end up getting to wear your perfect date night outfit!

Netflix & Chill with Adore Me

Let's face it, sometimes we all love being lazy as ever and binge watching our favorite shows for hours on end. During the cold months, it's nice to have a relaxing night in and forget about all your responsibilities (that you really should be working on instead but oh well). I've partnered up with  Adore Me and their "Netflix & Chill" campaign to create the ultimate movie night! I have to admit, I'm still relaxing in this little set up as I'm writing up this post, and will probably watch another flick once I'm finished! 

First off, you have to set the mood. I found super cheap lights to string across my little fort at Hobby Lobby, and threw all the big comfy pillows onto my bed. Of course I can't enjoy a good movie marathon without my favorite fuzzy Hyde Park blanket to snuggle up in. After the set up was together I could change into my comfy PINK leggings, oversized tee from Gabe's, and extremely furry alpaca slippers! 

Tonight was definitely a "treat yoself" night. Champagne, mini cupcakes and popcorn don't exactly go together but honestly who's judging? Movie nights are all about the array of junk food you can enjoy! I just began the Shameless series that everyone has been ranting about so we'll see if I can get hooked into that! I can never get tired of watching Friends, The Office or LOST reruns. Gotta love the classics!! My ultimate movie night was pretty successful. And even though it's a blast to have movie nights with family, friends or significant others, it's also nice to spend a night to yourself! With all my roommates being gone over winter break I've had to get used to being alone sometimes, and now I actually look forward to quiet nights with the place to myself! So next time you're feeling stressed, set yourself up an indoor tent and veg out till you pass out (; Until next time!